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Curriculum Vitae

Ariana Candy


160cm / 5ft 3in
21 January 1995 (28 this year)
Eye Colour
Hair Colour
Natural Accent
New Zealand
NZ European


Community Theatre

2018 Cinderella Prince Charming Ryman Healthcare, Margaret Stoddart Retirement Village

Short Film

2022 Getting The Ring Around Girlfriend Yoobee College of Creative Innovation, Dir. Ryan Oorschot, Christchurch, NZ
2022 Join the Club Claire Yoobee College of Creative Innovation, Dir. Mark Morrish, Christchurch, NZ
2022 No Thanks Emma Yoobee College of Creative Innovation, Dir. Katja Mirkovic, Christchurch, NZ
2022 Elimination Elimination Elimination (48hours) Nurse Strodeworth Films, Christchurch, NZ

Training & Education

2022 Weekly Acting Classes The Court Theatre, Christchurch
2022 Beginners Screen Acting Liz Mullane and Rachel Bullock
2022 The New York Accent (livestream) Katherine Beck, Equity Foundation
2022 Embodied Voice (livestream) Amy Hume, Equity Foundation
2022 How Accents Work (livestream) Nick Curnow, Equity Foundation
2022 Screen Actors Group - Actors Guide to Film Making Rush Jopson and Jonathan Briden
2022 Advanced Screen Acting Workshop Liz Mullane and Rachel Bullock
2022 Icelandic Accent Equity Foundation - Luzita Fereday
2022 Screenplay Analysis Equity Foundation - Welker White and Damian Young
2022 Online Auditioning Skills Workshop Equity Foundation - Emma Draper
2014-2016 Toast Masters Wellington
2014-2016 Piano Lessons Julie Coulson, Wellington
2013 - 2016 Classical Singing Lessons Lesley Graham, Wellington
2013 - 2016 Bachelor of Health Science, Major in Sprot and Exercise Massey University, Wellington
2004-2007 Classical Ballet Deirdre Tarrant, Wellington
2003-2005 Wonderplay Drama Classes Aro Valley Community Centre, Wellington


Winner of Comedy Speech Competition, 2015, Toast Masters, Wellington


Swimming, playing guitar, singing, part-time exercise contractor- I lead exercise classes at retirement villages, track athlete/runner, public speaking, rollerblading, water skiing, snow skiing, dancing, sewing, cooking, full drivers license, springint, paddleboarding, tramping, gym work, kayaking, cycling